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    The ArmA movie of the year is coming up, and I'm stuck between two versions of the exact same movie I've produced. One features a soundtrack with integrated real-time sound effects, and the other is the video with a seperate soundtrack, and only a soundtrack. All be it a excellent soundtrack.

    You decide, I'll submit... I need this done before I leave for the sandbox.

    ArmA: Effects (Video 1)
    ArmA: Lux Aeterna (Video 2)

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    Oh come on ladies and gents! I need real feedback here.

    This could very well be presented in the official expansion.


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      They both look good to me. I'm not much of an ad critic and commercials really aren't my medium when I'm deciding what game to buy.
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        I easily like the sound track only offering because of the sound track, as you can almost "hear" the sound effects. But I still think sound track only WITH the sound effects would be the ultimate best.

        I liked the one with sound effects included with sound track enough, but the sound track only offering really builds up such a good tempo, and it draws you right in.
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          That seems to be concise. If I could only get ahold of the Canadian ArmA mod, Operation North Star, then my video complication would be complete.

          Anyhoo, thanks for the votes. Keep'em coming.


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            Prefer Effects, voted A.
            It feels more natural, always belonging: right time, right place.
            Choice of music in B is arbitrarily; sometimes well in place, sometimes way off.

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              I spose this one also entered the fray. Considering the s%&t I'm getting for not including it via BIS. I spose you now have one... or three choices.


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                Both were professionally done, but I prefered A. The explosions were enough to rattle my desk.
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                  I like A the best too .


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                    I liked B or ArmA: Lux Aeterna (Video 2) better.

                    The soundtrack w/effects version might have seemed more realistic in the sense that it included all the elements which would depict the scenes as though they were actual events transpiring , although what appeared to be cries of pain at various points seemed a bit peculiar because one never saw the individuals taking these hits - if that's what they were.

                    Still... the second clip seemed more suited to the purpose - if I understand it correctly - since the music added at sense of tension to the thing, and seemed to imply that something momentous was about to occur.
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                      The second one (soundtrack) for me. The first one feels "grittier", the second one is more dramatic. I tend to think music does wonders for a scene, so it gets my vote.

                      (Plus, how many times do you need to hear a tank firing, or stuff getting blown up?)
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                        Both were cool, but I still can't decide.
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                          Like a couple people said, the 1st one (A) had some grunts and shouts of pain that were out of place. It threw off the gritty battle.

                          While the B track was (i've heard that track so many times )
                          but it definitely made the sequence more theatrical and dramatic and in my view, better.
                          Now I have tied the poll...
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