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Another Bridge Collapse

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  • Another Bridge Collapse

    Another deadly bridge collapse this time in China.

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    I seriously hope that their Yangtze River Dams hold up better
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      Yes and...

      Let's hope the Three Gorges dam is better constructed. Though there has been reports of cracks appearing in it already. The authorities said it was just surface stuff (possible) and there was no problem. Could be though I wouldn't be buying any real estate downstream just yet.

      Today I just saw that their engineering pride and joy in Shanghai (hoped to be the tallest building in the world) was on fire. Not sure about that; it is still under construction. I've watched it go from foundation (Oct 2005) to surpassing it's neibor the Jin Mao Tower (world's 4th tallest) by time that I left in June. Didn't seem to be much but steel and concrete skeleton so I'm not sure what's burning.

      The construction thing that really worries me is their expansion of their nuclear program. They have a crash (maybe a bad choice here) program to build two nuclear reactors a year from now until 2020. That seems to provide pleny of chances for substandard work, materials, Mr. Murphy, etc. to wreak havoc. Even then it will only increase the % of China's power generation from 4% to 8%. Over 70% will still be coming from coal. Sure glad we got that Kyoto thing
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