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Lightning Never...And Other Nonsense.

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  • Lightning Never...And Other Nonsense.

    Not only does it strike twice, but it has struck us three times.

    I just got up and running with an entirely new system after the latest lightning strike fried my computer including the mother board and the whole system including the broadband modem and three telephones in the house.

    I'vwe heard of having "lead in your pencil", but I must have a copper rod stuck somewhere else...

    Maybe I should hire oput to re-charge batteries.

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    Welcome back mate!
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      Thank you kindly. I missed this group.


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        Gotta tree out on the farm that has been struck repeatedly since I was a child. (5-7 times) It has been reduced to little more than a burnt out stump. One of these days I'm gonna get the backhoe out there & start diggin to see what I find.

        It's good to see ya back up & runnin, MM!

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          Thanks Admiral - but I must say it's getting hard on the wallet. And it's getting really hard to find new systems that still run WinXP.


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            I feel for you MM. Had the same thing happen to me. Lost the modem, phone line junction box, electrical box and so on. The only saving grace that day was I was using my wireless lap top when it hit.

            Insurance company told me that the tale of lightening never striking twice is just that. A tale.

            Good to see ya back
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              Nice to see ya back MM Sorry to hear all the troubles though.....
              Now it's ten years later but he still keeps up the fight
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                Welcome back MM.
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                  Originally posted by MountainMan View Post
                  And it's getting really hard to find new systems that still run WinXP.
                  Hey, if you are not using your computer to play games, migrate to Linux. Ubuntu is a good distribution for beginners (in case you haven't got any experience)
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                    Thanks, everyone. There was some good news, though - at least I got a new system and a flatscreen out of it.

                    But I am thinking of changing my avatar to Sparky...


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                      Welcome back, MM. Slug and I figured you were fighting off hordes of vacationers because everyone we know seems to have gone to Colorado this summer.
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                        Welcome back MM! After loosing my computer this summer, my heart goes out to anyone that has difficulties with the things!


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                          Hmm I have been trying (more or less unsuccessful) to limit my time online. But, now that it is made apparent, yeah, there did seem to be a lot less MM on the forums.

                          Hope this new system survives a lot longer MM
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                            Glad to see you back, my sister had the same thing happen. The insurance company paid for all the damage done to her tv, stereo, phones. Hope yours did too?
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                              Welcome back, MM. What did you end up getting?

                              I'm jealous already. Trying to convice my wife to upgrade our 7 year old system.
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