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Van Halen will it work this time?

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  • Van Halen will it work this time?

    I am a huge fan of the Van Halen of old and even some of the Sammy stuff. With no Micheal Anthony and all the in-fighting these guys have had will it work.

    It could be big if Dave can sing and Eddie stays out of rehab...but it could be a huge flop.

    What do you think?


    Here is the linky to the story.
    No- Eddie and Dave can't do it anymore and they hate each other
    Yes- I think it will go off without a problem and plain rock.
    Who cares, they are past there prime.

    The poll is expired.

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    I said no..... It may work for one or two shows...then KABOOM!

    Same as Axel will never Have GNR again...

    Or the Beatles......when they all were alive....

    Or Led Zeppelin...with Jason Bonham filling in for John....

    These are things that will never be!
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      I voted yes. I think this will be as successful as all the times George Steinbrenner kept hiring back Billy Martin.
      Why didn't they contact Sammy Hagar?
      Also, have you seen any pictures of David Lee Roth? He seems like he's aged extremly well.

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        Dave is still Dave...

        Eddie will go and pout if he doesn't get his way...

        Wolfgang is untried...

        Alex will go with Eddie...

        Much of Van Halen is the rhythm combo of Micheal and Alex.

        They're suppose to be here on the 3rd I believe, they'll implode before then.
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          I saw them with David Lee Roth in 1984 and then with Sammy Hagar in 1986. I thought the show with Sammy Hagar was a little better, but thought both were good.

          How many Kinks songs did Van Halen cover with David Lee Roth?

          "Get three coffins ready" The Man With No Name


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            I saw VanHalen in the 80s, and they were great. That said, the egos of the boys are so big that there is no room for the band anymore. Too bad.
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              The Van Halen Equation:

              EVH / AVH+WgVH----><----DLR = Trouble

              I give them less than 75% of the tour, however I hope they prove me wrong.
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                I would like to hope so. They were phenomenal in their heyday. When I really need to get stuff done, it's their album I put on the player.


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                  Has it ever worked?


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                    Didn't they get together and record a song or two for a new box set and also gave out an award a year or so ago? I seem to recall that and that Roths bantering ticked off Eddie. Line from the article to the effect that Roth hardly stopped talking............... I'd fly into Charlotte if you really want to see them. I saw VH with Hagar there in the early 90s. Great Show.

                    Whats up with this new band crap? Something must have happened with Michael and the brothers behind the scenes I'd say. That or he thinks he knows the train wreck is coming and doesn't want anything to do with it.
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                      Michael had to hire an attny to even get on the 2004 reunion tour, & had to settle for less money. He became friends with Sammy, & this may be the why of the sour grapes from Eddie.

                      I wouldn't bother seein them now. Saw em in 78, & again in 80. That was their peak. Same for Kiss, saw em in 78, why bother now?


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