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    Just thought I'd pass this along.

    Whenever you are attempting to view a website that wants you to "register" to access the content you are looking for, an alternative to providing your real email address is to use a disposable one (i.e. one that you can check for the "validation" email, then don't have to worry about being spammed). is now offering disposable email addresses:

    Basically, when asked to register, you can put whatever you like before the @ sign, then go to their site and check it to get the message. They only store messages for 24 hours, and you never have to check back again (you don't "own" that email address, it's just for reference).

    Very handy, provides a mechanism to receive emailed information without having to divulge your legitimate email address (because aren't we all spammed enough as it is?).

    The main site at is also quite useful. I am not going to say any more about it, since the potential for a conflict of interest may arise (and I'd hate to get on the Bad List of The Powers That Be here). However, the curious among you might find some additional assistance there in viewing certain websites.

    Anyway, just wanted to pass along an email safeguarding tip. Any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].
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    Although I usually just use Hotmail for the same purpose.

    Actually spam is not something I normally deal with. Heck in the last couple of weeks, I have gotten maybe 5 emails to my real email address hehe. I don't even seem to be of interest to spammers
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      I own my own domain names and tend to register using an e-mail address that will allow me to trace if that site has passed on my details. I'll only use it once for each site.

      eg: [email protected](domain name here)

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        Yes, that's the same basic idea. Another service I use is -- it allows you to set up alias/redirects to legitimate email addresses that you control.
        "I am not an atomic playboy."
        Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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