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  • Off to Nam...

    Well our summer romp throught the U.S. is over. Assuming the plane is able to take off with all our junk on board. It's been interesting spending the summer just bumming off people. Luckily we have some very good friends; with big houses.

    So it's a bunch of flights (Albuquerque to LA, LA to Singapore 16 hours or so, Singapore to Vietnam) with us arriving in a day or so.

    I'll update after we get back. And the cats had better be alive or the maid gets fired!
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    Happy trails Sino, and good luck in the near and far future .


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      Save flights and friendly people
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        Good Luck SINO! Be safe
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          Made it!

          We made it to Saigon, we're now in that weird totally jetlagged state. We left Albuquerque at 5pm Friday and got to LA two hours later. Then it was a two hour layover and a 17 hour flight (curse that jet stream) to Singapore. Of course I shouldn't complain. I met some poor lady who made the same flight with a 1 yr old on her lap (and who started in Toronto and was headed to Perth!). We get in to Singapore at 4:30am and had a 5 hr layover. Then it was off to Saigon on a 90 min flt. Got here around noon Sunday (local time). We had so much luggage that we had to hire a van, in addition to our company provided Land Cruiser; to haul it all to our empty house. But all was well. Our two cats were still alive, etc. We ate a late lunch and crashed for nine hours or so.

          It's a little after midnight now and I'm wide awake. So guess I'll tool around downtown Saigon a bit and see if I can't find a bite to eat and maybe a masage.

          It's so good to be done with that trip!
          Save America!! Impeach Obama!!


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