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  • Need Advice from Ebayers

    I won this fax machine on June 18th and sent a PayPal payment on the 19th. I still haven't received the item. This guy charges shipping fee x2 to boost his profits.

    When do you decide the seller has failed to deliver within an acceptable period of time and give give him/her nasty negative feedback? One month?

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    i would say that if you've tried contacting him a few times with no response then you should leave negative feedback.
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      More importantly, you should try to get your money back. If the seller does not answer emails, that is a Bad Sign. PayPal is your best recourse, they have many buyer's aids including, I think, a buyer protection program. Anyhow, complaining on PayPal does more damage then complaining on eBay. If you wait two months, PayPal can't help you and sometimes skilled crooks on eBay will string you along so that you don't do anything for two months and then you really have been ripped off. SquareTrade or Deal or whatever they call it is a complete waste of time.
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