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Warfare HQ NFL Football Fantasy League !

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  • Warfare HQ NFL Football Fantasy League !

    I'm sure some of you know a thing or two about football and believe they could be great general managers

    What about a fantasy football league of Warfare HQ?

    Every year I subscribe to ESPN's fantasy football and I find myself with people I don't know in some kind of league. It would be great for a change to be in a league with people I know (well, that I know at least virtually).

    So if anybody is interested in joing a Warfare HQ fantasy league, post your name in this thread.

    An ESPN fantasy football season is 29.95$. Now, I know there are leagues which are free, it's just that I personally think ESPN is by far the best fantasy league with the best tools so I did not mind paying for it. Go have a look here:

    However, if some people mind paying for that, please feel free to suggest any other free fantasy sports site instead (Yahoo for example)!

    If we get at least 8 interested people, I can set up a league.

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    I'm in Players drafted or computer chosen?
    Black & blue from the TOAW learning curve!


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      Originally posted by Foggy
      I'm in Players drafted or computer chosen?
      Well, we can have either a live draft or a multi-list draft (i.e., you rank between 10 to 24 players at various positions and the computer selects the members of your team according to your rankings and the random order of drafting).

      Whichever people prefer, although for a live draft we need to be in front of our computers at a specific time.


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