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    A blind man drove a golf cart through the winding streets of a city in the company of his guide dog and a drunk friend who gave him directions.

    "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
    --Frederick II, King of Prussia

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      How can someone be so stupid

      Thanks for looking!!


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        I think they did pretty well.
        "You can't change the rules in the middle of the game."
        "Hey, you just made that rule up."

        Heil Dicke Bertha!


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          LOL, reminds me of the supposed to be blind who got cought driving to fast on the Autobahn...
          "A platoon of Chinese tanks viciously attacked a Soviet harvester,
          which was peacefully working a field near the Soviet-Chinese border.
          The harvester returned fire and upon destroying the enemy
          returned to its home base."


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