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    I will be out of the loop for a while starting tomorrow morning. I am leaving on a short vacation and as soon as I get back the movers are picking up my stuff. I am moving up to Philidelphia for one year. It will take about two weeks for the movers to get my stuff up there and for me to get set up. During that time I will probably be out of contact. if you have issues that need attention, please contact one of the other staff members.

    P.S. Yes, I am getting married this weekend! No Warfare HQ for me. . .

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    Congrats on the wedding! Or should that be Good luck!
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      Congratulations Don and Laura! Best of wishes to both of you.
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        Best wishes!
        a brain cell


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          i wish you'll have a good wedding
          don't forget to post some pictures
          looking forward to the new version of toaw


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            Congrats Don.


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              All the best Don.

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                All the best!
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                "Hey, you just made that rule up."

                Heil Dicke Bertha!


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                  Cual lidian bien, sobre dorado arzón
                  Mio Cid Ruy Diaz, el buen lidiador;
                  Minaya Alvar Fáñez, que en Zorita mandó;
                  Martín Antolínez, el burgalés de pro...!


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                    Congratulations to both of you!


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                      I wish you both all the best possible for your wedding.

                      Good move too.

                      We wait for pictures of the newlyweds

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                        Originally posted by JAMiAM
                        Congratulations Don and Laura! Best of wishes to both of you.
                        James, no more pictures this time?

                        Don and Radbabe, Congratulations!!
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                        If you sent me your turn and after 24 hours, you still did not get anything from me, please be sure to post in the forum to ask for what is going on.

                        Remember, I ALWAYS reply within 24 hours, even if I do NOT have time to play my turn, in which case I will at least send you email to tell you that I will have to play it later, but I DO receive your turn.


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                          Congrats Don Best of Wishes

                          Thanks for looking!!


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                            woohohoo best wishes don...

                            btw where have all the avatars gone?
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                              Congratulations and best wishes for you and and your wife Don


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