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    Before I begin a disclamer for what I am going to stir. This all tounge firmly planted in cheek and a bit of sarcastic humor. Don will probably drive over from Lousiana and personally kick my butt. The premise is where have you been and what were YOUR observations. The goal is some comedy with a view of others views on parts of the world.

    So here goes.

    Germany: Sheesh this place looks like a golf course. I didn't get culture shock there I got it when I came back. There is no trash anywhere and no junk yards either. What a change from the southeast US. I can see why thier cars are what they are. Apparently when the Germans paved/cobled the cow trails between villages they saw no need to straighten the roads. I swear they must be allergic to a road without a good hard corner in atleast a 5km stretch. You can tell they are natural engineers though. Even a doorknob looks as if someone put a lifetimes thought into it.

    England: Yawn. Looks like the lost textile areas of the south, closest thing I saw to home, abandoned shops, abandoned mills. Plus that quaint little habit of every mile or so changing the name of the town. Ofcourse the only way you can tell is to see the sign since the row houses never stop. And what is up with the police? A funny hat and no gun; sounds like an asswhuping waiting to happen.

    France: Well after meeting the French I can see why Germany used to make a habit of kicking the crap out of their ass a couple of times a century or so. These people are as arrogant as Americans. If you aint French you aint ****. Take a bath and ease up on try to cover up the reek with the bottled smellum(perfume). I did see some junkyards but with Renaults I suspect you would have to have some.

    Spain: The grandfather of South and central America and you can see where they get it from. Look its time to drop some decimal places of that Pesata. You would think they invited corruption in the police. Atleast it was fun getting an arrogant Mexican jailed for a big whopping 5 bucks. As far as the beaches, look you guys need to truck in some san, that pea gravel just sucks.

    Again this is all satire and we can talk seriously after the satire, so to quote GWB "bring it on".

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    For me England, Canada and Mexico.


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