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    Hey everyone,
    Im think about getting Medievel Total War and I have a few questions before I lay down any money.

    1. Is it worth getting and Why?
    2. What is a good price to pay for it?
    3. What are your favorite things about the game and your least favorite things?
    4. Is it easy to learn and fun to play?
    5. Are there many hours of fun in store for me or does it get old fast?
    6. What all give in choice of types of missions, operations etc..
    7. Any addtional comments or suggestions are welcomed as well.

    Thanks, SoccerDJ

    Thanks for looking!!

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    Yes, it's pretty good. You play the campaign on a big map in turn-based mode where you can move your armies around and build castles. When you actually fight, the game reverts to a 3D mode that is actually quite good. The battles don't turn into the typical meat grinder, hack-n-slash that yoiu typically see in RTS games. You have to use some strategy or you army will get decimated failry quickly.

    It's a lot better than any other game of its type right now. Better than LoTR.


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      Thanks Don. Is there any thing were you get higher ranks or command bigger unit or promotions as you fight more battles and get more experience. Also how important is the stratagey to this game and what kinds are employ ex. diplomatic, military(what kind), economic etc.

      Thanks SoccerDJ

      Thanks for looking!!


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        Your generals gain experience and you can retain them... you can also use royalty (kings, princes, etc) as generals.. but the kings and princes die eventually.. the generals last forever (well, in the new expansion Viking INvasion, generals die off after a while, IIRC). Now by last forever I Mean they dont die unless they actually die on the battlefield.

        On the battlefield your generals have their elite entourage and you can use them in battle... the generals are like supermen (otherwise they'd die way too easily) and can hack away at hordes of enemies for a while.. but it's still risky to use them in battle.. they are so much more useful in providing your army with morale.

        I'd say MTW is a great buy if you have any interest at all in warfare of that time period. Eg if you watched braveheart and drooled over the battle scenes, you'll probably really like MTW . You can certainly buy it very cheap these days in a bargain bin or used, so I'd recommend it to whet your appetite until Rome Total War comes around.
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          I really like the game. It is like a combination of Risk, Age of Empires with a dash of role playing.

          1: Role playing elements. You are a king. Your have certain traits that help or hurt you. Example your king may have a reputation of being fearless in battle and therefor provides his troops with a bonus to moral. OR He may be known as a coward and have the opposite affect. The same goes for your generals. What is really cool about the traits is you can gain new ones depending on your performance as king or on the battlefield. You also want to stay married have kids and find spouses for your kids to maintain your dynasty on the throne.

          2: Risk: The strategic map is a map of Middle Ages Europe that is divided into provinces. You can send emissaries or princesses into a province and get detailed info on their troops, you can send assassins after generals and leaders. You can sent chruch men in to provinces of the same faith to make them more docile or send them into enemy provinces of different faiths to convert them to cause unrest!

          3: Age of Empires...Like AOE or starcraft you must build buildings in each province to improve it economically, socially, etc. Also depending on what you build will determine what kind of troops you can train in that province.

          4: Real Time Combat= the movie. It breaks down to setting up your troops on the field then hitting go, and maneuvering them realtime into position. It is fun because you have Calvary, and Pikemen to counter them. You have siege engines but usually can't reposition them once combat starts. Archers, Knights, etc. A good variety.

          Value: High. I think I got my moneys worth. You can but the original with the viking expansion in one pack now but not sure of what would be a "good deal"

          If you like Feudal Japan get Shogun the games predecessor(although I can't comment on this since I don't own it. If you want better graphics, have a good system, and like ancient warfare Rome Total War will be out eventually.

          Hope this helps.
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            Thanks guys for the response I sounds like an awesome game and I think I will get it. Does anyone have any screenshots they could post for me to get a good look at the game??

            Thanks for looking!!


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              Try &
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              "Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorius is to die daily" - Napoleon Bonaparte.



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