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Free Stable Beta: Peoples Tactics

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  • Free Stable Beta: Peoples Tactics

    Currently PTv0.9 is available for beta testing and its free. It is 99% stable.

    Peoples Tactics is a empire building game and a wargame at the same time. It may look daunting at the start, but actually there are not that many rules and factors to take into account.

    For the player the game basically consists of two main theatres of choices. First the area of production in which you have to choose between investing in new units and HQs, production of military power, research and hiring new officers. Second the area of tactics and choosing methods, organization, unit allocation and unit type-mixes as well as going in to offence or defence.

    The game is designed to reward planning, even long term planning. Solid victories are booked by smart tactics not by sheer force. You must attempt to isolate enemy units, cut supply lines and blockade harbours in order to defeat a stronger or an equal sized opponent. While in the production and research area you must attempt to specialize your military in the unit types that will be most beneficial for your grant plan in the scenario you are playing. Even the way you organize your army is important, as it is unwise to disband and create a lot of units and change organization often.

    The game can be very different in different scenario’s. There are two main extremes. First you have continental scenarios on the one hand and “pacific” scenario’s on the other. In the last air and naval power plays a very important role compared with the continental. Second you have densely populated scenarios and lightly populated scenario’s. In the first category it is easy to recuperate from losses, while in the second category it is crucial to keep your main force intact. I have added all types of scenario’s and you have to see for yourself which type of scenario you find most fun and challenging.

    Surf to:

    Give it a try and tell me what you think.

    Kind regards,

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