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  • Merry Christmas, from the Philippines

    The Times December 05, 2006

    A chilli-hot year for whiny garbage

    David Pannick, QC,00.html

    David Pannick, QC, presides over the memorable legal appearances of 2006

    In the Manhattan Supreme Court, Justice Jane Solomon told Liza Minnelli and her former husband David Gest to stop their “whiny garbage” of litigation. This year was notable for the quantity of whiny garbage to be found in courtrooms round the world.

    There was particularly hot competition in 2006 for the prize for judge of the year. William A. Carter, of the Albany City Court in New York, was a strong contender after being censured by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct for his behaviour when presiding at a preliminary hearing of criminal charges: he removed his judicial robe, walked up to the defendant and asked: “You want a piece of me?”. In Washington State, Superior Court Judge Beverly G. Grant began a manslaughter sentencing hearing by asking everyone in court to join her in a Super Bowl cheer of “Go Seahawks”. She later explained that she was simply trying to ease tensions. Judge Donald D. Thompson was convicted by a jury in Oklahoma on four counts of indecent exposure by surreptitiously using a penis pump in Creek County Court while sitting as a judge hearing (or at least pretending to hear) trials in 2002 and 2003. The judge picks up a consolation award for the least contentious statement by a defendant in a criminal trial this year: “In 20-20 hindsight, I should have thrown it away.”

    Those were the runners-up. The award for judge of the year goes to Judge Florentino V. Floro Jr, whom the Supreme Court of the Philippines sacked from the Regional Trial Court in Malabon City for regularly opening proceedings in his courtroom with the statement that he was “a Bar topnotcher” who passed the 1983 Bar examinations “with an average score of 87.55 per cent”; for changing from blue court robes to black each Friday “to recharge his psychic powers” as “the No 5 psychic in the country”; and for claiming to have the assistance of “three dwarf friends named Luis, Armand and Angel”, who, unseen by others, provided him with assistance in court.

    NZ lawyer wins 'bizarre conduct' award

    Filipino Psychic named 2006 UK, The Times, TIMES ONLINE "Judge of the Year" Award - Publishes 380 Pages Book

    Judge Floro PUBLISHED ON DEMAND thru CENTRALBOOKS, his first Book, 380 pages, 500 copies, 6"x9", today; complete with ISBN, Bar Code, and Philippine Copyright, 20 proof copies with 20 posters were released today and the 480 copies will be released on December 21, 2006.


    WORLD-FAMOUS MYSTIC Armand Luis & Angel the 3 dwarfs meet the Judge ... PSYCHIC & HEALING MARTYR OF FILIPINO JUSTICE

    FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR., ATENEO DE MANILA, A.B. Pre-Divinity/Philosophy, 1974; LL.B., 1982, FULL SECOND HONORS, 12TH Place, 87.55%, 1983 Bar Exams (21.3 % passed, one of the hardest in history), RTC NCJR Judge, Br. 73, Malabon/Navotas, M.M., 1998.

    I am known worldwide as the Psychic & Healing Judge.

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