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  • Articles?

    I guess that this question is aimed manly at Don or the WHQ staff but any one with advice is welcome to answer my question.

    I was just wondering since Im still getting into the swing of things here at WHQ what kind of articles can be submitted such as the ones found on the different games home pages here at WHQ. Also how would you like articles submitted and to who.

    Thanks, SoccerDJ
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    Thanks for looking!!

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    This will be the basic answer. Generally speaking articles for specific games that have their own section should be taken up with the Section Leader or one of the Assistant leads.

    Come to think of it I find most people here tend to gravitate to one Section or another even if they casually browse others. That is always a good place to start, even if it is not related to that section they can point you in the right direction. I would recommend sending someone an email briefly outlining what you have in mind and in what format you plan to submit it and they should be able to help you from there.

    HTML, Word Docs, or Excel sheets are acceptable. I guess it kind of depends on what you are submitting. If it is a scenario or game mod feature, it can be uploaded by you directly into the scenario archive, some things can be attached to the forum. More formal articles have to come through the staff as WFHQ uses style sheets to format the site.

    Hope this helps some. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

    ATF Section Leader
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      One more thing to add. PDF-files are good as well.
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        Guys thanks for the help, I submitted it to Krink and its posted in the Campaign Series page. Heres a link to it. If you read it tell me what you think.

        Thanks for looking!!


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