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    Maddog, is there a way you can page someone that you know is surfing the forums? For example, when looking at the EA forum, perhaps it'll say "Users browsing this forum: Mantis, Mark Stevens," etc... Is there anyway to modify things so that you can get a message to these people that they will see immediately? (As an example: "Hey, Mark, meet me in chat!")

    Or can an system mail be sent that will immediately let them know that someone just sent them a Warfare HQ mail, they go check it, and your message gets through that way? So perhaps if no direct message can be sent, board mail settings can be changed to interrupt a user to tell them they have HQ mail?

    Just throwing these things out there...
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    Sort of...

    You can click on the member's username and send them a private message. It they have the "PM popup" option selected in their preferences, the private message will instantly popup for them. If they don't have that option selected they might not see it at first.


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