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"Someone's Horse is Standing There"

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  • "Someone's Horse is Standing There"

    Cossack music from the steppes of the Ukraine to cheer up the mood.

    I was born and raised in Poland but my ancestors come from the Ukraine. The Kingdom of Poland used to stretch far east well into the steppes and White Russia.

    This is a love song about a girl and some cavalryman, the refrain keeps repeating "I have become attracted to you." Striking female and male chorales, 100% vocal. This is the kind of music cossack cavarlymen would hum by the campfire after stopping for the night.

    Performed by Red Army Choir.

    MP3 file, 3.9MB
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    "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
    --Frederick II, King of Prussia

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    What else do you know about this song?

    Hello! I am a music student at Indiana University and I wrote an arrangement of "Someone's Horse is Standing There", but I can't find the lyrics anywhere! The more I know about the tune, the better the arrangement will be. Do you know them? Do you know anything else about this tune?

    I know almost nothing except for how hauntingly beautiful it is.


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