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  • Something's Cooking at Atomic Games

    Keith Zabouli is posting a number of job descriptions for 3D programmers and modelers. He talks about a new game with ultra realistic environments. I just dispatched him an email wondering if he replies. Looks like he's trying to rebuild the studio which had fallen apart not long after severing its ties with the scoundrels from Microsoft. Death of the company was preferable to doing business with MS. That gives you an idea of the practices of the smiling, soft-spoken people from MS. They do look charming in TV commercials, that's for sure.

    P.S. The screen is from Close Combat V: Normandy. This had been Atomic's last game before they rolled over.
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    Hmmm wonder what's up, let us know what you find out MonsterZero.


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      I wish them all the best, it would be nice to see Atomic back in action. Close Combat and Descent has robbed me of many hours of gameplay...


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