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How many people here have served in the military?

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  • How many people here have served in the military?

    I wonder how many of the members of this club have served in the military service of their respective country. If you did, what was your rank and what did you do? What units did you serve with?
    Yes, as an officer
    Yes, as enlisted
    No, I have not served
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    In Hungary there was (is) a everybody has to go to the army.
    In my time it was one year duty before university (for the other it was 1.5 year). Today it is about 6-9 months as I know.

    I became squad leader at the rank of lance corporal. It was unusual as future-university pupil never get promoted or become squad leader.
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      Still serving in the U.S. Marines. I am an M1A1 Tanker by trade. Sitting behind a desk at the moment though .

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        U.S. Air Force; 1971-1975


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          I served in a Recon unit, was in Bosnia in 96.

          BTW Recon in denmark isnt comparable to recon elsewhere, there is no elite about us.
          Our mission just happens to be to locate the enemy. I was a driver in a scout squad.
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            Vive les reservistes

            Join French army as conscript in 1979, in a light cavalry regiment the 8th Hussards. There I asked to be gunner in a 8 wheeled reco tank called EBR with an US 90mm gun.
            I did my NCO training platoon to become tank leader. That I was as lance corporal. During a gun field manoeuver with my gunner we put 9 shell over 9 on targets in less than 1 mn.
            As this time no automatic loading neither laser telemeter nor optical telemeters.
            As Tank leader I aimed the the target for the gunner, load the shell in the gun, the gunner finish the job and fired.

            The Colonel hearing this on radio came to saw those 2 phenomenas. He promoted on field both of us. Me as Sergeant and my gunner as corporal.

            <- It is me in the avatar as Sergeant in 1980

            After one year , I declare volunteer for Reserve and joined the 29th Dragoon regiment, was promoted as sergeant major there, I sasw a full reserve regiment mobilisation. It was fun they gave us the MAS 36 the rifle the french army used in 1940, ready to be used in perfect working condition , it gaves a nice fight between the general supervising the mobilisation and the officer in charge of the mobilisation barracks, at the end we had the Famas latest French semi-automatic rifle.
            Then I joined the 28th RIAD regiment (special reserve regiment in charge to protect Paris and suburb especialy in case of civil troubles) was promoted as adjudant (warrant officer). But in 1998 all reserve regiments have been disolved, French army enter in the professionalisation process finished in 2000.

            That's my military story.

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              Royal Navy, 1981 - 1982. Most memorably HMS Hermes January to August 1982.
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                US Army 1981-1985
                Eco 505th (ABN) 82nd Airborne Division

                Eco was an independant Anti-Tank company (TOW missle)
                attached to 3rd Brigade

                Progressed from:
                Ammo Bearer (M203 Grenade launcher)
                Assistant Gunner
                Squad and then Section leader (Sgt, E-5 rank)


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                  USAF 1978-1982 Munitions maintenance specialist
                  Black & blue from the TOAW learning curve!


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                    I served in the Finnish army first as a tank gunner then as a tank commander 1999-2001. First year as a conscript then a year as a contract soldier (don't know a better translation). My rank was corporal.

                    Equipment was mostly russian (T-55, T72, BMP-1&2). We also had interesting prototype. It was a BMP-1 hull fitted with US LAV-25 turret. Apparently it wasn't good enough since more weren't built. But it gave interesting insight in differences between Soviet and US engineering.


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                      Canadian Air Force 1985-?

                      Will be eligible for retirement in 2 yrs, but I recently signed a IPS(indefinite period of service) contract allowing me to stay until 2019. When my CO asked if I really intended to stay that long, I told him it depended on how badly they pissed me off.
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                        im so glad i dont have to do military service
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                          Through a miracle of birth and Vietnamization my draft number exceeded the call up for the year I was eligible, 1972 (I turned 18 in October 1970). I was in college but did not apply for a student deferment. My father, a WWII veteran told me to "stay out of the war." He wasn't a political man, but he told me that things were "turning to ****" in Vietnam and that I should stay away. He was not happy that my draft status remained 1A rather than 1H.

                          The Vietnam vets that I met at college also told me to "stay the hell out of the Army" if I could. The one vet that I remember the most only had one hand. He played cards with his legs crossed, holding his cards against his knee with his hook. He could out-drink all of us youngsters put together.

                          Through a combination of luck and good advice I didn't go to Vietnam. My last two years in college I became increasingly active in the anti-war movement and participated in several rallies and sit ins. I wore the hippy uniform; long hair, bell bottom jeans, and a dirty work shirt. Yes, Cheetah, I was a hippy and I grew up to be a tree hugger.
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                            United States Army

                            1988 -- Boot Camp (Fort Dix, NJ)
                            1988 -- Airborne School (Fort Benning, GA)
                            1988-1990 -- 2nd Bn, 2nd Avn Regt, 2nd Inf Div (Korea)
                            1990-1994 -- 4th Sqn, 17th Cav Regt (Fort Bragg, NC)
                            1994-1995 -- 4th Sqn, 2nd Arm Cav Regt (Fort Bragg, NC)
                            1996-1998 -- Army Representative, Sikorsky Aircraft (Stratford, CT)
                            1998-1999 -- HHC 6th Cav Bde (Korea)
                            1999-2002 -- III Corps NCO Academy (Fort Hood, TX)
                            2002-2003 -- 7th Bn, 159th Avn Regt (Germany)

                            October 30th, 2003 promoted to Master Sergeant (E8).


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                              I entered the most deadly unit in the danish defence forces as a conscript.

                              Danish Defence Forces Medical Corps 2000

                              Platoon leader medical platoon 1st armored Batallion Jutland Dragoon Regiment 2001

                              Reserve comission 2001

                              Platoon leader Main Dressing Station 4th Support battalion 2002

                              Student Danish Army Patrol Course 2003

                              Qualified for sailing and flying duty 2003

                              Deployed KFOR09 2003
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