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    Well on Prime Time Thursday this week Pete Rose will make another attempt to get his lifetime ban from baseball lifted. Rose no doubt wants to go to Cooperstown, this of course is his latest attempt of many to get his lifetime ban lifted. Should Selig lift the ban? Love the man or hate him anyone who has followed basesall in the 60's, 70's & 80's know about the contribution that Rose has made to the game. Had he not been banned he certainly would have gone to the Hall of Fame a long time ago. On the other hand can baseball overlook his gambling on baseball? So should Pete Rose be allowed to return to baseball or not?
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    I'm not a fan of baseball. However, I'm not certain Pete Rose's continuing ban is justified. Benard Hopkins made a killing by betting on himself to beat Felix Trinidad a few years back. He also reportedly bet that he would knock out William Joppy in their fight last month. He told Joppy that if he made it to the 12th round, he'd give him $50,000. (Joppy did.)

    Those are just two examples. While boxing is not as popular, and regulated as Baseball, I don't see the difference between what Hopkins did and Pete Rose. Maybe I'm missing something. Did Pete Rose allow his wagers to influence plays? Given what Priest said about his contributions to the sport, I doubt it. Was it wrong? If there are rules against it, then I guess so. Yet, I still believe Rose's punishment exceeds the impact of his mistakes.

    Maybe it is time for the sport of baseball to be as forgiving as our legal system. Pete Rose made a mistake, has paid for it, and that should be it. One's impact on history can't be ignored, no matter what you think about them. Baseball is probably corrupting it's future by not weighing it's past properly.
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      Christ...practically every state has lottos and casinos these days...a lifetime ban is a bit much...
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        Pete Rose still holds a number of records today including most hits (4256). most games played in (3562) and the most season's with 200+ hits (10). So Rose would no doubt would have, should have, been inducted in the early 90's. Rose was one of the most exciting players to watch, he made baseball into a contact sport. While Rose has never denied that he bet on baseball games he has always maintained that he never bet on any games that he participated in as either a player or a coach. There are some fans who feel that the ban is as much political as it was a punishment for a violation of the rules of baseball. That the commisioner who banned him did so merely because he just didn't like Rose. On the other hand there are those who feel that Rose himself is mainly responsible for his ban. That he remains unapologetic about his gambleing even to this day.


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