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    "Hundreds, including rocker David Bowie, actor Albert Finney and comic John Cleese have told the British government to take a hike over the years by rejecting knighthoods and other prestigious honors.
    The government has never officially revealed the names of the snubbers - but they were bared yesterday in classified documents leaked to London's Sunday Times.",2933,106379,00.html

    I'm curious how those from the UK feel about the title of "Sir." Is this a big honor or do you you think it's an outdated tradition?

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    It's an outdated tradition but one that can carry Status nonetheless. I think though the original purpose was to award those who had rendered service to the Crown. You can't really say that many of the modern recipients fall into that category.

    There are two ways the term 'Sir' can apply I believe. If one is a Knight then it is awarded for the lifetime of the holder only and is not a hereditary title. If you hold the heriditary title of 'Sir' then you are officially a Baronet. You would sign your name for instance ' Sir John McCavitt, Bart.' to indicate that your title is hereditary.

    When in school one of my best friends held such a title, inherited from his father. It went back centuries in his family. I can honestly say he was a true gentleman with a good sense of humour too. ( Hense my friend).


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