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How it feels like to be just a CIVILIAN :D

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  • How it feels like to be just a CIVILIAN :D

    Hi Don,

    How is your eye?

    And now for WHQ NEWS here are my questions

    1) How it is to be a civilian ?

    2) Ready for Wedding ( think twice men think twice )

    3) Was the Officers mess cleaner as you left it ?

    4) More serioulsy after going to war is your feeling about each normal day different?

    5) What TOAW scenario would you like to play?

    6) What's next change for the WHQ Website.

    7) Do you agree with the new policy of the New TOAW forum governor SchwarZemantis

    8) Was the retirement of SIBERIAN related with the Cigar scandal which had implicated a precedent President ?

    From WHQ NEtwork It was

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