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  • Speaking of flags..

    Because of its continually-increasing massive immigrant population,moves are afoot to redesign the Union Jack by adding black stripes to reflect multicultural Britain.

    I live in Plymouth in the far southwest which has a very low immigrant population,and the Union Jack flies proudly from many public buildings here,but the further north one travels towards the high immigrant density areas of the midlands and north,barely any UJ's fly from buildings because the politically-correct leftwing town councils don't want to risk offending immigrants.
    This appeasement insanity percolates every aspect of life up there,for example I was born and bred in the midlands city of Leicester (where a glossy council brochure proudly announced that by the year 2010 Leicester will be the first European city to have over 50% of its population from ethnic immigrant stock),and so fearful are the authorities of upsetting them,that all my tipoffs to Leicester police in recent years about black drug dealers were ignored.
    The gang got wind of it and tried to gun me down as I walked home after dark,3 shots rang out from the shadows,2 of them whizzed past my head and smacked into the wall of a house,and the 3rd hit me in the calf;(lousy marksmanship) I limped to a phone box to call the cops but the unseen sniper had fled by the time they arrived.
    Eventually the dealers complained to the police that I was "racially harrassing" them by watching them with binoculars and logging car numbers of junkie clients,so the police arrested me and I got 3 months in Leicester jail last year,I kid you not !
    However my sense of humour was unimpaired,I used to feed breadcrumbs to the birds on my cell windowsill and mused "bloody marvellous,now I'm the Birdman of Alcatraz.."
    When I was released I came to Plymouth.

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    Sounds like a great idea.
    "There is no great genius without some touch of madness."

    Seneca (5 BC - 65 AD)


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      UK Flag

      I can't help but to wonder what Winnie, the great champion of western civilization, would have to say about this.


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        PS:- I forgot to mention that some of the regular callers at the drug house were robed Muslims,so I mentioned to the police that there was a possible Al-Qaeda funding link but still they took no action against the dealers.Perhaps the British cops are in their pay? I told the media this whole story but it was too hot a potato for them to handle.
        So I e-mailed the White House and told George W everything,dunno if he read it.


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