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Drive an SUV-Support Terrorism?

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  • Drive an SUV-Support Terrorism?

    The political initiative to ostracize owners of SUVs has picked up some momentum lately and a whole lot of momentum overall since 9/11. The California governor hopeful Arianna Huffington is one of the better known people in support of the idea.

    The claim is that wasteful, uncontrolled, foolish consumption of gasoline in the United States nourishes Islamic terrorism by pumping money into the coffers of Saudi Arabia (the ideological & financial center of Islamic terrorism) , of Iran and others.

    What do you think?

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    Originally posted by MonsterZero
    What do you think?
    If driving SUVs equels supporting terrorism then spoons made Rosie O'Donnell Fat..........
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      Yes, the need to buy so much oil from countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia is a big problem. I don't know how much oil would be saved by cutting back on SUVs though.
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