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The Ballad of Admiral Piett

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  • The Ballad of Admiral Piett

    From The Atlantic: The Ballad of Admiral Piett: As a new Star Wars series approaches, an appreciation of one of the original trilogy’s best fringe characters. The link:

    As would be expected from The Atlantic, this article is full of excellent observations, as the introductory paragraph here demonstrates:

    Firmus Piett’s most memorable scene in the Star Wars series is the moment of his promotion. Standing silently in the background, he watches nervously as his boss, Admiral Ozzel, gets telepathically strangled by Darth Vader, the homicidal sadist everyone in the Galactic Empire has to answer to. Vader summons him forward, gives him his orders, and intones, “You are in command now, Admiral Piett,” as Ozzel collapses on the floor. So goes life in the Empire: There’s plenty of upward mobility, but job turnover is high, and workplace safety truly abysmal.
    Firmus? Good heavens. I thought Star Wars was supposed to be family entertainment. "Firmus" sounds like a character from ... errr, some other kind of movie.

    In any event, the article also informs that the actor who so memorably played Admiral Piett was "otherwise most famous for playing Jesus in Monty Python’s Life of Brian"! Who knew?

    Anyway, kudos to David Sims on the article. Its well worth the time to read!

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