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    This a description of a Rugby match seen by an Fresh immigrated African

    Moussa my brother,

    I saw a stange esoteric ceremony here in England

    Imagine a very big eliptical temple with two congregations singing shouting, one dressed in blue the other in white.

    Two Clergical groups enters the green like the crowd they are dressed in white or in blue. They face each other they look agressives.
    Then a military music band comes and plays two different hymns one called the "God save the Queen" half of the temple sing it , especialy the one's dressed in white. The other song was called the Marseillaise and all the guys dressed in Blue sing it.

    The the great priest come, he took a whistle, breathe and whistle loud the crowd shout and miracle the rain fall.

    We need to act the same in our village

    Der WanderTeller
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