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  • Now, this is creative...

    Cubanos must be the most creative people in the world.


    Cubans make freedom bid in floating Chevy truck
    Thu Jul 24,12:23 PM ET

    MIAMI (Reuters) - The 12 Cubans who tried to sail a 1951 Chevy truck from the communist-ruled island to the United States got no marks from U.S. authorities for their creativity.

    The would-be emigrants were sent back home.

    Since Fidel Castro (news - web sites)'s 1959 revolution, Cubans have tried to leave the Caribbean island on rudimentary rafts, on giant truck inner tubes, in stolen boats and planes, even by windsurfer.

    But no one remembers anyone attempting the 90-mile (145-km) crossing of the Florida Straits in a floating flatbed truck with 55-gallon (250-litre) drums strapped to its sides, tires still in place, a propeller attached to its drive shaft and a driver behind the wheel.

    "We've seen surfboards, pieces of Styrofoam, bathtubs, refrigerators. But never an automobile," Coast Guard Petty Officer Ryan Doss said on Thursday.

    A U.S. government plane spotted the bright-green truck chugging through the water at 8 mph (13 kph) on July 16 about 40 miles (64 km) south of Key West, just over halfway from Cuba to Florida. The Cubans had fashioned a makeshift, bright yellow shelter on the truck's bed.

    "The truck's engine was actually running, propelling it through the water," Doss said.

    The Coast Guard picked up the 12 Cubans from the vintage vehicle and took them back to the island on Sunday.

    The truck was deemed a hazard to navigation and was sent to the bottom.

    Under the U.S. immigration policy known as "wet foot, dry foot," Cubans who manage to set foot on U.S. soil are usually allowed to stay while those stopped at sea are routinely sent back to Cuba.

    ---end quote

    I love the name of the "wet foot, dry foot" policy. It shows hope for the US if Dr. Suess fans can find a place in our nation's government.
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    I have no problem at all with being proved wrong. Especially when being proved wrong leaves the world a better place, than being proved right...

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    Pity they sunk the truck. Looked like a nice one.
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.

    Matthew Arnold


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      Re: Now, this is creative...

      Originally posted by JAMiAM

      I love the name of the "wet foot, dry foot" policy. It shows hope for the US if Dr. Suess fans can find a place in our nation's government.
      its funny really. it turns out the worlds biggest dr seuss fan actually has found a place in our goverment.. Im talking about bush of course.
      Doesn't read Al Franken, can't watch Al Jazeera, will attack dumbasses. Anyone but Rumsfeld '04.


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