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Military Times or Stars and Stripes?

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  • Military Times or Stars and Stripes?

    Anyone read these military news publucations?

    Military Times
    Stars and Stripes

    In print MT prints four newspapers for each branch and is US armed forces weekly and sells for $3.50 a week. Not all of its online content is accessible free. S&S prints one newspaper daily and isn't just US military focused and sells for 50˘ on weekdays and $1.00 on weekends. Its online content is free. So anyone read them? Which one is better? I find MT papers quite expensive for what you get.
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    I have a day old Stripes next to me. IMO one of the least bias newspapers. Hard to believe, news from the left and right given equal time. MT cost to much for the info in them. Seldom buy one.
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      Army Times is so overpriced its rediculous. I may like the articles most of the time, but I refuse to buy it.


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