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Magic Hour + Fall Colors = Serious Red

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  • Magic Hour + Fall Colors = Serious Red

    Took some pics of Centralia. Sun was just right on already autumn colored leaves. Made for a brilliant shade of red.
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    The hot dry summer set up our colors in a similar manner days before they all came down. Now, only the oaks are hanging on to some dirty red brown leaves with the willows still keeping their yellow green leaves.
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      I got some gorgeous pictures from alongside the road by my cousin's home. She took them, I didn't, and we don't have a way to get them on-yet.
      Those are beautiful Tyler.
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        You're fortunate to get those Fall colors. Even though the disappearance of green actually illustrates death and decay. But lovely to see.

        We don't get those Fall colors here, but being immersed in an environment of myriad shades of green all year round is said to be very good for the spirit.

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          Magic Hour + Fall Colors = Serious Red
          More serious red....


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