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It Is Time Again: Toys For Tots

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  • It Is Time Again: Toys For Tots

    Last year a number of local chapters fell short in their drive to collect toys for children in need and had to call in the big donors. Even then, there might have been too many disappointed children. As Americans that should not have been allowed to happened as we should all try harder this year. Even child should receive at least one toy for the upcoming Holiday Season. As usual I am posting my annual thread in an effort to solicit donations to Toys For Tots. Those in need can also request a toy.
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    The toys just go to Demmies kids.

    Better have a guard on them so the libtards don't steal them.
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      Originally posted by Half Pint John View Post
      The toys just go to Demmies kids.

      Better have a guard on them so the libtards don't steal them.
      Hopefully, there will be some way to be assured that the toys go to the truly needy, that ended up that way through no fault of their own, the victims of disasters and the current economic mess, and not to the zombies on the dole that blindly vote for Progressives.

      Where I used to work in the 80s, we sponsored several needy families in the local area. Unfortunately, too many of them turned to be single mothers that were under 21 with three or more kids, fathers unknown, living on Aid to Dependent Children. Far better were the donations made to families that had lost their breadwinner to some accident or illness. They were really thankful for the help that made a Christmas to the children that lost their father.

      There is a barrel at the Michigan's Own Military and Space Museum that is already overflowing with donations.
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