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RIP CSM Basil Plumely

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  • RIP CSM Basil Plumely

    Command Sergeant Major Basil Plumely has passed today. He was a veteran of WWII,Korea and Vietnam. He was most known for the battle Ia Drang in November 1965.

    Rest in peace Sergeant Major. You were a lion amongst men.
    If the art of war were nothing but the art of avoiding risks,glory would become the prey of mediocre minds. Napoleon

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    Perhaps my memory is shoddy, but I do recall reading that CSM Plumley, during the late 1940's-1950's, was billeted to counter-intelligence, and due to his unassuming physique and youthful appearance, was assigned to play the role of a university student, to keep an eye on subversive activities on campus. In the process, he earned a couple of degrees, including a doctorate of philosophy. By the time that the 11th Air Assault Brigade was formed, he was considered the most educated NCO in the Army. Am I remembering that correctly?

    RIP CSM Plumley. The angels had better stand at perfect attention when you get there.
    I was married for two ******* years! Hell would be like Club Med! - Sam Kinison


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      Without a doubt the most respected rank in all the services.
      RIP Sarmajor.

      The most visable part of a persons education is their parents example !

      Christianity is made far too complicated by far too many denominations.
      It's truly a simple concept.
      Dont take my word for it---Read the Book of Romans!


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        R.I.P., Sergeant've definitely earned it. And for your service to your country we are forever in your debt.
        SGT, 210th MP Battalion, 2nd MP BDE, MSSG

        Fervently PRO-TRUMP, anti-Islam and anti-Steelers!


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          RIP Sergeant Major Plumley.
          We're losing too many of our legendary people.
          This bass guitar kills TERRORISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            One hell of a career that was. Those boots will be impossible to fill.
            R.I.P. Sergeant Major
            "You listen to the ol' Pork Chop Express on a dark and stormy night......"


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              While we are mourning the loss...they are rejoicing in heaven upon his arrival. RIP!

              "Stand for the flag ~ Kneel for the fallen"

              "A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." ~ Bruce Lee


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                In their hymn the US Marines claim that they guard heavensí streets. Well they better have their act together when Sergeant Major Plumely marches though the gates.


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                  The long toll of the brave
                  Is not lost in darkness
                  Over the fruitful earth
                  And athwart the seas
                  Hath passed the light of noble deeds
                  Unquenchable forever.


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                    Rest in peace, CSM Plumley.
                    "I have never known a combat soldier who did not show a residue of war." --Sergeant Ed Stewart, 84th Division, US Army, WWII


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                      RIP CSM Plumley.
                      "Profanity is but a linguistic crutch for illiterate motherbleepers"


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