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    I have been involved with this effort from the sidelines. We actually exposed an 18 year old poser that used to work with my oldest daughter. I also lined up an interview with one of the kids, Ryan. Unfortunately during the filming of his family he died on 11 August, the day before his birthday. The final version of the film will be released on the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; 30 September.

    There are many people that think that childhood cancer research is funded and the kids are receiving high tech treatment. The truth is, it receives a very small portion of funding. The chemotherapy drugs that these kids are getting are the same that the kids received 30 years ago. 30 years ago it was a death sentence to hear that your child had cancer. As I said, the drugs are the same, the dosages and timings are what has changed. Thousands of children have died to get us to our current state. Some of these kids go through 3 years of toxic drug treatment. Many are alive today but the damages done to their bodies by the chemo are now starting to show up.
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    Sad - the Dana Farber CR center n MA is working hand in hand with Children's Hospitals in Boston and other cities to bring cutting edge cancer treatment to kids and adults alike. St. Jude's in Memphis is world famous for child cancer research. (and it's free)
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      The younger is the patient, the more malignant & severe is the tumour.
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