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  • Restoration FAIL

    A 19th century fresco has been ruined by an elderly Spanish woman who attempted to restore the mural.
    The unnamed woman, said to be in her 80s, was attempting to fix Ecco Homo by painter Elias Garcia Martinez. The painting, a sophisticated depiction of Jesus with the crown of thorns around his head, has been transformed into an amateurish, almost cartoon-like portrait.

    Reminds me of the episode in Frasier when the elderly mother of an Italian restaurant owner drew a caricature of Frasier that made him look like a fugitive from Easter Island.

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    And now(apparently) she is demanding a cut of the takings from the collection box the church has placed near the fresco.
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      It just seems totally impossible how even the most rank amateur could have totally destroyed this painting by painting over it. The before and after are so different as to be two separate paintings. Then, how do you roll the scroll on the bottom backwards in a forward manner?
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        Boy oh Boy it looks like a post modernist version of Jesus Christ.


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          I like it. A Groucho Marx moustache would round it off properly but that's just a quibble.
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