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    When would the US have declared war on Germany ? Under what circumstances, if any ? This is just research by the way, I beleive if the Germans had landed in the UK then possibly the US may have declared war, am I wrong ? Need some help from you experts in history.....

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    I think thats hard to say.Luckily Pearl harbor and the German declaration of war solved that.

    Roosevelt wanted to get into the war,but without something major happening or Germany having a major brain fart and resorting to sub warfare the way they did in the first world war its hard to say.I'll take a shot at the fall of Moscow or even Stalingrad as a tripwire,or even the fall of the suez canal.I don't think Germany ever would have been able to invade England.If nothing else using an arbitrary date,and no major allied collapses,i would say sometime around 43 he may have been able to drag the country into the war.Though without the same fervor or commitment that was shown because of events like pearl harbor.I think peope would have just seen it as going over there again to sort out Europes mess once more.


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      There was not aliot of support for entering the war in Europe, even after Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt and Churchill spent many hours between late Dec. 7-9, 1941, trying to figure out how to honor the "Europe First" policy. Clearly Hitler didn't understand the political situation in the US. If he'd understood just how isolate-minded most of America was, the Reich might have thought twice about declaring war. That single move provided FDR with enough leverage to justify not only entering the war in Europe, but actually give it priority over Japan-at least at the strategic level.

      I'm not sure the US would have entered the war if Germany had invaded the United Kingdom. I would probably say no. I don't think many people would be more concerned about preparing for the defense of our own homeland, than "expending" resources to save UK. I'm certain some of the experts at the time would point to Britian's attempt to save France to support such a policy.

      I also believe the American people in general didn't understand the threat the Third Reich really posed, or the atrocities it was committing. Germany did a better job concealing it's crimes, and intent from the world than Japan.

      It would have been a major mistake. The US was already in the war. We just didn't have alot of troops fighting. I'm not certain if just rendering America irrelevant would have been enough for Hitler.

      Then again, maybe an invasion of the UK would have served as a wake-up call for the US. Yet, if the US wanted to come to the aid of Britian in the event of a German invasion, I wonder could we deploy rapidly enough. The UK could have held out for a while. However, as the US considered involvement, I'm certain it would be looking more at the strategic picture, and not just the morale of the British. Had the German's seized what was deemed as key locations, the US might have stayed out.

      Yet, it's a good question, sure to spawn a debate.
      "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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        One possible argument for the US not to enter the war against Germany could have been the fact that he US was (is) a trading nation and without an effective western Europe to barter with then that would only leave the Germans. I guess I am trying to say that it would have been in US interests to deal with Germany rather than go to war with Germany. What do you reckon ?


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          War with Germany was only months away in late 1941. US ships were protecting convoys from the U boats and giving some limited air cover as the year drew to a close. Also huge supply shipments to Britain were coming from US factories and farms. IIRC the USS Reuben James had already been sunk with heavy loss of life. It was a situation that was sure to spiral out of control. But of course Roosevelt wanted to get into the War anyway. Viewed in this light Hitler's declaration of War on the US does not seem such a Madcap move. He would have found himself at war with the US by Summer 1942 at the latest even without Pearl Harbour putting America into the War.

          Why wait for the summer months when longer daylight hours would have favoured the Allies better in their hunt for the U Boats? Also the US Navy and AAFF would have had time to organize on a war footing due to Pearl Harbour. Hitler probably made a good operational but certainly a terrible strategic decision in the declaring war on Uncle Sam.


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            Hitler would have been wiser to wait. War was clearly inevitable. Yet, by forcing Roosevelt to provide the cause, it might have degraded our commitment. I think an even greater mistake was Hitler's justification for declaring war. By associating himself with the Japanese, he caused Germany to inherit some of America's rage over Pearl Harbor.

            I personally can't see how Americans didn't see just how grave the situation was. Great Britian, France, and the USSR were "the" three major powers. If they fell, what did people think he would do to the isolate-minded United States. We were screwed no matter what we did.
            "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy."-Christopher Dawson - The Judgement of Nations, 1942


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