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  • Hello again

    I want to apologize for my lengthy pause of posting as of late. As I stated in the Where is thread, long story short the motherboard on my laptop fried and I had no access to the internet for awhile except on my ipod which really isn't the ideal device to peruse any forum on much less ACG and the only thing I really used it for was facebook and to check my email. Also between work and multiple week long colds, a lot of my energy was spent as soon as I got home and all I wanted to do was relax or take a nap.

    Now since I got a new computer, I will try to be more active but I can't guarantee I'll log in every day as it is expected to get busy again around october with the recent expansion to the building and with a lot of the stuff is going to be shipped there, it will get pretty hectic so be forewarned
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    We're just glad to see you back mate.
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