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  • May Day!

    A thoughtful May Day to all.

    Children of every age dance the Maypole, and revel in life's rebirth. It's their joyous cheer which brings hope to this Earth. Women of every creed take back the night. Workers of the World, arise and unite! The revolution isn't completely dead, so capitalists watch your backs. Just mostly dead, and in the home of Miracle Max.
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    I have no problem at all with being proved wrong. Especially when being proved wrong leaves the world a better place, than being proved right...

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    Holly U Empire

    Last image of War in the future world
    After the colapse of the European, Russian Chinese Coalition the US troops Draw the new motto/SPQR of the Holly US Empire upon freedom to say "no" ruins


    Der Wanderer

    P.S. still no news of MDW ???, Petrol Minister is still there intact
    strange all others have been ruined
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      LOL, I grew up behind the Iron Curtain (on the Soviet side). On May Day my elementary school buddies and I would be handed red flags and we'd march from school to the city center to participate in the communist May Day fair.

      The event was nonsense to the extreme but my friends and I didn't understand the stupidity of it. We were too young. The only thing that mattered to us was that there was no classes and we got to fool around in the streets and fence with those flags for the benefit of the chicks.

      My childhood and teenage years under communism were as clueless as they get. Life was good. Parents-yes, they had to put up with empty grocery stores and shortages of items ranging from acceptable toilet paper to color TVs and furniture. But if you were born into that crap and never known anything else, who cared?

      You know, in communist Poland they had this job law that required you to have a job. It was your duty as a citizen to go to work. Some did not and their "work refusal" was absolutely voluntary. Interesting thoughts to ponder after one had gotten laid off in the Land of Opportunities and spent god knows how many months looking for work.

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