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Polish Troops Offered Occupation Duties in Iraq

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  • Polish Troops Offered Occupation Duties in Iraq

    NATO sources that wished to remain anonymous disclosed that Polish troops have been offered management and security duties in one of 5 Iraqi occupation zones. A brigade-sized Polish force of up to 4,000 people would be required to do the job. In exchange for the Polish commitment, very lucrative reconstruction contracts have been offered among other things. So far 200+ Polish construction and other firms have expressed interest.

    Washington appears to be pursuing a strategy of defusing some of the anti-American tensiona in the region by introducing international occupation presence. However, the Americans are offering private occupation deals; outside the traditional UN channels. This is an important development and represents a clear attempt at isolating France, Russia and Germany. As you probably know, the trio has lost a fortune in lucrative contracts with Saddam Hussein (the French allegedly had an oil import deal covering the next 100 years) and their economies are guaranteed to suffer unless they find a way to restore their presence in whatever is left of Iraq.

    Link:Poland's armed forces

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