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Is there a Family History forum?

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  • Is there a Family History forum?

    I looked for a Family History forum but was unable to find one. If there is one perhaps you will show me where. My enquiry is lurking in the Introduction forum.
    Thank you,

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    Not sure about 'family history forums' but, I might suggest asking at a Mormon church for suggestions on how to search. They have a big love of genealogy which is basically what you are needing help with.

    You might also try Googling the term genealogy forums.
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      les Brains,

      Good suggestion, no serious researcher can do without what the LDS has to offer.

      ALL free and without the propaganda pitch.

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        British military records

        Spantel1, if you know what unit he was in you can search in British military records. I'm not sure how Britain does it, but in the US, as long as we have a person's name and unit, for a very small fee (less than $10 the last time I used it) you can order the individual's service record. Also look into his pension records, assuming Britain has those or something similar. In the US, you'd need to look into both because they contain different information. As a example, one of my great-grandfathers' service record shows him as being AWOL after the battle of Antietam. His pension record shows he was severely wounded and was in hospital at the time he was listed as AWOL; it also shows he was a farmer after the war and applied for a pension because he was left three-quarters disabled by his wound.

        Here's a site where you can find a list of British military research information sites. I don't know how useful they are, never having used them. Good luck.


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