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George Koval - The Soviet Spy Who Got Away

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  • George Koval - The Soviet Spy Who Got Away

    George Koval was American born. He was given Russia's highest honor by President Vladimir V. Putin in November, 2007. He appears to have stolen America's secrets on how to make nuclear bombs - intelligence far more valuable than a blueprint of a nuclear bomb. He was remembered as a brilliant, but regular guy who played baseball as a shortstop. When he got back to Russia, the Russian locals suspected him of being CIA. In short, he was known by all and known by none. Koval's true value as a Soviet spy never came to light until after he was given the award by Putin. Koval's true identity would have gone with him to his grave but for Russia's highest award being made public. Interested in his tradecraft since he succeeded and was trained by Stalin's GRU before joining the U.S. Army in World War II where he appears to have been designated to protect our secrets by the powers that were at the U.S. top secret facility at Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project. Unlike the usual suspects who became spies for money (i.e. Hannsen, Aimes, Walker), Koval was purely ideological.
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    What a swell guy.


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