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US Army Interwar increase CS/CSS

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  • US Army Interwar increase CS/CSS

    What factors caused the huge increase in the proportion of combat support and service support troops in the US Army between World War I and World War II? Was this huge redesign and redeployment of forces done well? Was there too much of a redeployment?

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    I did some research on this and found out:

    1. Prior to World War I the army was based around regiments. For World War II of course it was based around divisions. These divisions now had signals, medical, engineers, supply, transportation, etc.

    2. Based on the experience in France in World War I and on observing the Spanish Civil War, The Sino-Japanese War, etc. A lot of corps or army level troops were added for specialized activities like intercepting enemy communications, topographical groups, Special quartermaster units, etc.

    3. The army clearly went too far in developing these units, as many men were taken out of these units in 1944 and 1945 and put into the infantry, especially in Northwest Europe. Pretty clearly, this was not fair to the men, as they did not get the individual training they should have, and clearly they had little or no unit training.


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