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The Queen Mary- Troop Ship WWII

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  • The Queen Mary- Troop Ship WWII

    My dad came home from the ETO in WWII on this ship. Share any personal recollections you may have about this vessel as a troop carrier for the Greatest Generation. Now moored in Long Beach, Ca. since 1967 this Lady of the Atlantic is again suffering from financial difficulties as she remains a static display and hotel/restaurant in the International City.

    factoid: she was known as The Grey Ghost while serving as a transport ship.
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    I once heard that this ship was originally intended to be named the Queen Victoria. When the King (George V?) was told that the ship would be named after one of England 's great Queens he thanked Cunard for naming the ship after his wife Mary.

    Does anyone know if this story is true or is it an urban legend.
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      Ships ending in "ia"

      My understanding was that the Cunard Lines which built the ship preferred
      to name their ships with a name ending in "ia'" Not sure how much is myth
      or fact here. I checked on Snopes but couldn't find anything,

      A friend and former co-worker of mine used to "guard" the Liner in Long Beach
      back in the 1970's. He was a commercial diver and maintained electrodes
      that helped prevent the hull from rusting. He also retrieved items that people
      dropped into the water while touring the ship. He lived in a trailer next to the
      ship and regularly walked Captain Gregory's dog. He was a veteran of the Korean War.

      He was there when the Freedom Train visited and was on static display next
      to the ship during the Bicentennial Year, January 5-8,1976.

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