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'Biographies' sub forum/sticky in 'Books' section?

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  • 'Biographies' sub forum/sticky in 'Books' section?

    Just wondered if this might be an idea for consideration?

    At the moment there are two options - either add your (biography/auto-biography) book review to the 'What are you currently reading?' sticky or start a new thread about the specific biography - and naming the individual concerned.

    The first option might not get seen at all and with the latter, chances are you are only likely to get a couple of responses, unless people are specifically interested in the individual concerned, they aren't likely to click on your thread, so no matter how good the book is, or your review of it, it's not going to attract the interest of/get read by many.

    However - a 'Biographies' sub-forum might attract more interest and it's possible it might also persuade people to consider books they might otherwise not have read maybe? I'm sure there are others (like me) who always make a beeline for the 'Biographies' section in the library - and to have them grouped together in one place on ACG might also be helpful.

    New biographies are coming out all the time - of people who have, in some cases, been written about many times before - bringing new perspectives and new debates to the table and it would be good to be able to bring them to the attention of others in one specific area. At the moment they tend to get lost - on the 'what are you reading thread' or by starting a new thread on the individual subject in the general 'Books' section of the forum.

    I hope some consideration might be given to this suggestion?
    - Mad Jack Churchill.

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