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Use of acronyms.

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  • Use of acronyms.

    I curious as to how the ACG staff deal with the use of acronyms here, stuff like "WTF" etc.... regardless of the intent. Yes I've seen some cases of if being used with no malice at all, yet on other occasions completely the opposite.
    If I was to type WTF(what the ****) the filter deletes the profanity.... so doesn't this acronym fall under the same profanity rule?
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    My take has been that if you are old enough to know what it means, no harm. Preventing people from spelling it out probably avoids tripping child safety filters. We've got some good young people here and I'd hate to lose them over a few four-letter-words.

    Just my two cents anyway.
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      In this day and age of ubiquitous texting, starting at very young ages, I don't think there is anyone online who doesn't already know the jargon. Acronyms are fine here. It is the middle ground between vulgar and prudish.
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