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I am not a liar

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  • I am not a liar

    I have been insulted and called a liar.

    I did no such thing.

    Now, I feel like ive been publically humiliated, without making accusations at anyone nor abuising anyone.

    I did not and have not lied here. When Im wrong, im happy to back down.

    I may have autism, but why should I be called "crazy' for that?

    When I tried to complain about this on the Bad Post section, all it did was send me back to the forum.

    My autism is not for people to make fun of. My lack of a book collection doesn't mean I have no opinions.

    I feel like Ive been not only humiliated, but insulted as well.

    Ill probably be banned for this post, so, FAIRWELL...been nice knowing you all
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    Don't go away. All we can do here is post our opinions. My books are mostly in storage, so I feel for you.

    Pruitt, you are truly an expert! Kelt06

    Have you been struck by the jawbone of an ASS lately?

    by Khepesh "This is the logic of Pruitt"


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