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  • ribbons

    I understand the concept of the reputation.. But, How come it is dark green, light green, and yellow; is the color mean anything? And why do some peoples rep lines have only a few boxes, while others have many?

    What are the medals right above the rep. for and why does some peoples have a plus number ie. (+x)?

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    The colors signify how many rep points it takes to earn each one. I will try to look up the point values for you. When you get to a certain number of pips, then you trade in them for a medal. When you get so many medals that there is no more room then you will see the [+x] to denote the extra medals you have earned.


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      I knew it was lurking around here. This is the link for a thread concerning the last update and the actual point values of pips and such. People have different values because other people have clicked on the ying yang in the upper right corner of one of their posts.

      Just a friendly suggestion: Stay away from the red circle unless absolutely unavoidable. It generally brings a return of negative reps your way, as well as some drama with the person you've just given it to.


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        In simple terms. Rep = Reputation. This is something you get from your fellow forum members. They can add to it by clicking the Yin Yang icon, or take away from it by pushing the X. People give Rep for a variety of reasons. You post someting very interesting, or a well thought out argument. You made someone laugh. Or they just plain like you. If you want to see the comments people leave you when they give you Rep, thus understand why you got it, click on "User CP" on the upper left. That is the user control panel. Under that you will see who gave you your last ten Rep hits, what post it was given for, and any comments they left you about the post and why they gave the rep.

        I agree with biscuit. Negative Rep can have consequences. Be careful how you use it. Like they say, if you cannot say something nice then maybe it is best not to say anything at all.

        When I joined it took me about 6 weeks I think before I finally understood what Rep is and how it works. You will get the hang of it.

        Have Fun
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          Thanks every one for the information.. It was exactly what I was looking for.


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            Did someone mention rep?
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              Positive or negative rep can only be given through the button... you choose good or bad...

              The is used only to report a 'Bad Post' (contrary to forum rules) to staff.

              I should point out that use of the generates a report seen only by ACG Staff. No-one else has access to it. The subject of the 'BPR' has no idea from who such a report came from, nor the content or comments of those making the report. This information is always held in complete confidentiality. The closest any member might come to learning of any given report is that they may be informed that reports have been made - but never by whom they were made. They never so much as even see any comments made by the party reporting - what they believe to be - a 'Bad Post'.

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                That is right. The negative Rep option is also optioned under yin yang.

                This is what I get for not going around giving negative Rep. I suppose I should work on this
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                  Great addition Wes! I was thinking that was negative rep. One of the threads got a little nasty last week and I couldn't remember how to report. I remember thinking, "Oh well, someone will report this!"

                  Cheers and welcome to the boards!


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