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Adolphus vs. Manstein (FINAL Round!)

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  • Adolphus vs. Manstein (FINAL Round!)

    Here are some basic facts for each player to help you in your voting (From Wikipedia):

    Gustavus Adolphus

    As a general, Gustav Adolf is famous for employing mobile artillery on the battlefield, as well as very aggressive tactics, where attack was stressed over defense and mobility emphasized over the usual linear tactics. His musketeers were widely known for their shooting accuracy and reload speed, three times faster than any contemporary rivals. Carl von Clausewitz and Napoleon Bonaparte considered him one of the greatest generals of all time. He was famed for consistency of purpose, and amity with his troops.


    Erich von Manstein (November 24, 1887–June 10, 1973) served the German military as a lifelong professional soldier. He became one of the most prominent commanders of Nazi Germany's armed forces (Wehrmacht). During World War II he attained the rank of Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall).

    He was the initiator and one of the planners of the Ardennes-offensive alternative in the invasion of France in 1940. He received acclaim from the Nazi-German leadership for the victorious battles of Perekop Isthmus, Kerch, Sevastopol and Kharkov. He commanded the failed relief effort at Stalingrad and the Cherkassy pocket evacuation. He was dismissed from service by Adolf Hitler in March 1944, due to his frequent clashes with Hitler over military strategy.

    The poll is expired.

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    The polls are open for ten days! Feel free to debate before you vote!


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      CyberRanger, the poll let's you choose both of them. I just tried it to see if I worked and it did.


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        Originally posted by The Cooler King View Post
        CyberRanger, the poll let's you choose both of them. I just tried it to see if I worked and it did.
        hehe ... a little twist! If you can't decide, vote for both! Of course, what will you friends and neighbors think if you are that indecisive.

        Not really! Fixed so you can only vote for one. :-)


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          Given the choice betwixt these two one has to go with Gustavus. As mentioned previously in other rounds,...Manstein was only a bit player and his impact quite limited in comparison.
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            "In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason."
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              Much as I love WW2, which is where I spend the most time, I have to give my vote to The Lion of the North.
              He was a master in the art of warfare and one wonders what the outcome of the war would have been if he had survived the battle of Lutzen.
              Besides what other general has a cheesecake named after him????
              As a sidenote I predicted he would win the crown.


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                voted for Adolphus.
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                  Originally posted by mike brown View Post
                  voted for Adolphus.
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                    Adolphus get's my vote...
                    But I must be's because I know little of Manstein !!!!

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                      Did I vote in the last round and if I didn't am I not getting the campaign ribbon?

                      Umm next time can you notify most people about each round please


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                        All are invited to actively participate from the beginning.

                        That would suggest that one pays a bit of attention, mate.

                        Not only was there sufficient reason for BB to not have been able to vote in all rounds... but his very participation in these events has extended to making the campaign ribbons in most cases.

                        Adolphus for the win!

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                          I did'nt know that Manstein was the "Father" of the Sturmgeschütz

                          Check this site for more info on Manstein
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                            I'm going to go with Adolphus.
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                              Adolphus for me as well.
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