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Agrippa vs. Sobieski (Round 3)

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    I think KGPanzerschrecK might be on to something.

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      Sobieski for me,
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        Sobieski for me!


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          Originally posted by Stratego View Post
          Well...maybe you're a looney and I'm normal ! Ever thought of that?

          HA! You said "normal!" I don't think any of us here are "normal"... I think we're more like Superman - Quick, bullet proof and always have our faces in the comics!

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            I'm going to say....Roman!
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              Originally posted by General Staff View Post
              LoL. Well, from a standing start you sure have made some moves.

              I'm assuming West to East and if you keep twirling it will eventually get you home,
              I am currently planning the "Twirling" home with great expectations. I am nervous and excited.

              Not planned stops in Afganistan, Pakistan, or Iraq. Although Iraq is somewhat interesting. Honestly, the two places I have not been but really want to vist are Romania and Ireland. My guess is there are great clubs in Romania and great pubs in Ireland

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                I voted for Agrippa.

                Agrippa very much masterminded the creation of the Principate, the first era of the Roman Empire. Octavian was the political genius of the pair, but without Agrippa to win his battlefield victories I doubt very much that Octavian would have become Augustus.

                I think he is seriously underrated.
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                  Blasted! This poll closed before I could vote! But, I would have gone with Sobiski if I could have.

                  Not because he won this round, but because of the fact that he held the Ottoman Empire at bay for many years and he was the leader of his battles, not the subordinate who carried out orders from his superior like Agrippa.
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                  Episode 1: Why Study Military History?


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                    Your a little late, lol.

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