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Saladin vs. Adolphus (Round 3)

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  • Saladin vs. Adolphus (Round 3)

    Here are some basic facts for each player to help you in your voting (From Wikipedia):


    Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi known also as Saladin or Salah al-Din Yusuf (c. 1138 - March 4, 1193), Sultan of Egypt and Syria, was a 12th-century Kurdish[1][2][3] Muslim general and warrior from Tikrit, in present day northern Iraq. He founded the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt, Syria, Yemen (except for the Northern Mountains), Mesopotamia, Mecca, Hejaz and Diyar Bakr. Although he is known worldwide as Saladin, his given name was Yusuf--an Arabic equivalent to the English name "Joseph."[4]

    Gustavus Adolphus

    As a general, Gustav Adolf is famous for employing mobile artillery on the battlefield, as well as very aggressive tactics, where attack was stressed over defense and mobility emphasized over the usual linear tactics. His musketeers were widely known for their shooting accuracy and reload speed, three times faster than any contemporary rivals. Carl von Clausewitz and Napoleon Bonaparte considered him one of the greatest generals of all time. He was famed for consistency of purpose, and amity with his troops.

    The poll is expired.

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    extremely tough one for me as i admire both extensively; yet will go for the Great King of Sweden, because of the impact he had on western military science and developement, that would be emulated by the masters who followed him in Europe.


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      Adolphus hands down.


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        voted for adolphus.
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          I can't believe the overrated Saladin made it this far. Adolphus for me.
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            Saladin, all the way.

            He's our man, dangit!


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              I'm voting out of spite and pique for Adolphus purely on the basis that Saladin beat Cromwell last round...
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                Originally posted by General Staff View Post
                I'm voting out of spite and pique for Adolphus purely on the basis that Saladin beat Cromwell last round...
                If Saladin looses, I'm just going to call all of you racist.

                Shut up DoD. You damn Polak.


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                  Go Home team!!!
                  "The secret of war lies in the communications" - Napoleon Bonaparte


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                    This is a no brainer - Gustavus wins as the best general of the world's most horrific war, defeating opponents of certifiable worth, and saving the world from another age of darkness.


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                      I actually picked these two to get this far... the only battle my simple mind was able to pick right...

                      I orignially picked Saladin to win this one - and I'm having second thoughts... it's so close that I'm going to flip a coin... Saladin wins...

                      I do have one Saladin quote to share... "ALALALALALALALALALALALALALA"
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                        ouch and i brought my avatar back for this.......

                        obviously an FPF for the 'Rose of Islam'


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                          Common guys there's still time to correct this wrong doing on Saladin.
                          I recon Adolphus was a great commander but Saladin's qualities should garantee him victory on this one.
                          It was no easy task to command so many diferent tribes and keep the Holy Land from the constant assaults of some of Europe's finest forces. Saladin was cunning and he knew when to be mercyfull and when to be roughtless in order to conquer everyone's respect, enemies included.
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                            Adolphus all the way for this one. Salah ad-Din had his accomplishments, and he should be properly credited for them. But Gustavus II Adolphus is sooo far above him. Adolphus, I would go so far to say, was probably the best commander of his time. We, today, have much to thank the Lion of the North for. His victories in the 30 Years War ensured that the Catholics would never again be able to try to reverse what Luther and Calvin started. And his military innovations laid the foundations for modern warfare.
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                              I still think Saladin should win, but I have no hard feelings if he looses to a worthy adversary like Adolphus.

                              Just saying.

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