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  • From Wikipedia !!!!

    Battle of Fiumicinius

    The Battle of Fiumicinius was a decisive battle of the Senatorial Civil War. On September 12, 82 AD, the battle was fought at Fiumicinius in central Italy between forces of the Imperial faction and forces of the Senatorial faction. Both factions fielded armies from the Roman Empire. The Imperials were led by Marcus Cornelius Drusus and the Senatorials were led by Gnaeus Gaius Marcus. In addition to Gaius, the Senatorial faction included a few members of the Roman Senate. The victory of Drusus weakened the Senatorial forces and restored Emperor Salinator’s control over the Roman Empire

    Date: September 12, 82 AD

    Location: Fiumicinius (Italy)

    Result: Decisive Imperial victory


    Drusus’(Imperial) forces

    Marcus Cornelius Drusus

    Gaius’ (Senatorial) forces

    Gaius Marcus
    Valerius Magnus


    Approximately 22,000 Legionaries and Auxiliaries and around 500 Cavalry

    Approximately 15,000 Legionaries and Auxiliaries and 5,000 Cavalry

    Casualties and losses:

    Imperial forces: 7,200

    Senatorial forces: 9,000

    After having returned from Parthia in the middle of August after hearing of the outbreak of the Civil War, Drusus’ Roman army, consisting of four legions and totaling 22.000 infantry , remained encamped to the east of Rome, erecting a fortified camp just north of Ostia. Feeling themselves threatened by the illegal presence of such a large force only an hour from Rome, the Senatorial party demanded action. Having received reinforcements from the Legio II Augusta from Brittania and Legio X Rufus from Dacia, Gaius determined to attack Drusus force and to force him out of the Italian Peninsula- and away from Roman influence. In the early hours of the 12th of September he approached Ostia with an army estimated at 15,000 infantry and 5,000 cavalry.
    Gaius’ took the risky option of a surprise night attack. In the best traditions of such it resulted at best in a mediocre operation. Although the outposts were surprised and overwhelmed, too many troops were engaged, so that coordination went missing, troops took longer to reach the camp than planned and Drusus detected their approach early enough to organize at least part of his forces with astonishing speed, despite the already inflicted losses.

    Drusus realized that his shortage of cavalry was a serious drawback and that a defeat therefore would mean a certain demise. In order to counter a potential cavalry attack, he therefore took the risk of placing his war elephants and German light troops in the center of his line, so in order to counter Gaius’cavalry wherever they showed up.
    Gaius hoped to win the battle by using his superior cavalry numbers to mount a two-flank attack on Drusus' forces, putting a substantial amount of effort into ensuring that he would be able to ‘sneak around to the back’. As such, he ordered the entirety of his cavalry on Drusus's right and rear, together with light forces consisting of slingers and archers.

    Drusus immediately ordered out his veterans of Legio Rapax to confront the Gaius’ main force from the north, thereby giving his other three legions time to organize. Behind them, he deployed his two legions in a wedge formation-hoping to break Gaius’ centre, leaving a part of the third in reserve, behind the elephants and light.
    The engagement was hampered from the start due to the morning darkness. Reports of the various enemy movements and numbers proved to be mostly unaccurate or wrong. In the first hour of the battle, Livy writes that troops on both sides ended up engaging their own. However, this problem was soon solved when General Brutus decided to set the battlefield alight with the help of burning projectiles, fired from onagers at Drusus base camp.
    As the infantry was engaged in a life and death struggle in the centre, Gaius immediately ordered his cavalry out as soon as the first light appeared on the horizon.
    Gaius’ himself led the initial cavalry charge, and crashed into Drusus right flank of his auxilia swordsmen, Drusus reacted however by ordering his German light from second line to disperse the cavalry together with his reserve. When confronted by Drusus’ reserve of heavy infantry, made from one cohort of the last line of every legion, Gaius' charge was pushed back (Drusus had told his legionaries to thrust their siege spears ( having exchanged the usual Pilum, Pila - plural ) into the enemy cavalrymen's faces instead of throwing them), and soon the cavalry of Gaius’s left was pushed into the foothills surrounding the battle. It is at this point that Drusus was reported to have fallen from his horse, only to have another one fall upon him, crushing his legs and making him unable to move so that for the remainder of the battle he had to be carried around in a stretcher from one side of the battlefield to another.
    Soon after, the second and decisive cavalry charge was ordered, this time from the rear. The thinned out reserve was unable to counter the massive charge of Gaius’ Praetorian Cavalry under Valerius and soon the Roman veterans of Legio III Tertia Scythica broke formation. It now seemed that Gaius was on the verge of victory, having found the door to Drusus’ rear wide open. In a desperate gamble - from his stretcher - Drusus sounded the trumpet ordering his 24 African War elephants and his German light to be let loose upon the élite cavalry. As Livy states: “…the beasts, having been in the midst of the confusion of the battle for nearly three hours, seemed almost relieved to finally be free, they caused enormous chaos among Gaius’ cavalry of which only a few were able to flee the field of battle in fright, the others were ruthlessly stampeded upon or thrown into the air by their pointy tusks...” Only the Scythian light cavalry units - of which largely horsearchers – managed to save Gaius’ cavalry from complete destruction. The archers attacked the elephants, causing them to panic and trample their own men – the light German warbands accompanying them. Finally it was left to Drusus’ 300 cavalry to engage the remaining Praetorian cavalry and to secure his rear...
    Despite these setbacks to Gaius’ forces in the rear, the battle remained a closely contested engagement up front where the larger part of the infantry was engaged. For four hours they confronted each other, resulting in a fierce and bloody struggle, with neither side achieving local gain. However the loss of Gaius’ cavalry superiority, marked the turning point of the battle. Although he rallied his men and returned to attack Drusus’ vulnerable right flank with his cavalry, his infantry was unable to cope against the well-trained and confident Roman soldiers of General Drusus. When General Aurelianus of Legio Augusta fell among his men at the closing stages of the battle, his exhausted troops disintegrated or surrendered. Only the Praetorian Guard Infantry kept up the struggle. As Livy reports: ...Urging and swearing his men on, cursing to find himself still alive after having bravely fought in the front lines for many hours, Gaius was seen on foot slashing and hitting in a blind rage, calling for his opponent as his army crumbled around him...”

    Sorry guys that it took so long...but I wanted to make it look like a real Wikipedia entry...but it didn't work (all that time for nothing ) !

    Anyway here's the result of the battle, I will post the scorepoints of each army tommorow


    PS: My message box is 92 % full !!!
    Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.- Napoleon

    It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.- Herman Melville

    Aut viam inveniam aut faciam



    • Good Job!

      "The blade itself incites to deeds of violence".




      • Originally posted by Captain General View Post
        The Factions:

        Imperial Party:

        Emperor Sal
        General Drusus
        Senator Antonius
        Senator Verus
        Senator Flavian
        Senator Honorius
        Senator Quintus

        Senatorial Party:

        Senator Torienus (currently missing)
        General Scipius
        General Paulus
        General Rubinus
        General Valerius
        Captain Gaius

        The Mob:


        Prophet of Mithras:

        Argos of Corinth

        Germanic Barbarian Chieftain:


        I think thats everyone!
        Somebody else we've forgotten:

        Faustus: ex-galley slave and now captain of the "Trident", fastest ship of the Meditteranean !!!!


        God, I never realized how many have played a part...
        We also have the three Armenian Senators...


        and of course...

        Bardas Phocas

        Our old and "loose cannon" friend General Falco !

        also, lets not forget:

        Senator Julius

        and Marcus Tarquinius

        This is just crazy
        Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.- Napoleon

        It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.- Herman Melville

        Aut viam inveniam aut faciam



        • Originally posted by Captain General View Post
          According to your own words posted in turn 7 Gaius follows your orders:

          By my order - as Guardian of Rome - Captain Gaius & the Praetorian Guard shall secure the Roman Treasury...

          By this order, Captain Gaius shall allow no further than its accounting by Senate Officials.

          Spending & Levy shall not be exclusive of the Senate, for its only fiscal authorities & means are of proposition, appropriation & oversight!

          I order that all such activities be subject to my complete oversight & met to the full extent of my purview before appropriations are so honored.

          While I breath, the People of Rome will not suffer the indignities of a solitary Senate in full possession of the purse!

          Legio IV, Legio XX
          Military Commander - Armenia/Parthia
          Governor of Cappodocia & Judea
          Guardian of Rome

          So that pretty much makes you a member of the Republican Party.
          On the contrary, the immediate events & record preceding my order repeated here proves that Captain Gaius honored my order - in the vacuum of military authority in Rome & with faith & trust in my Honor - and thus STOPPED the Senate effort under TORIENUS to seize full control of the Treasury of Rome!

          Torienus was Rebublican, as well as a Senator.

          These facts PROVE that Captain Gaius - though sharing similar philosophies and standing against the traitors which burned Rome as a means to conceal their crimes against the people, the politicians which imposed order by fear, and such individuals as yourself which did desert your duty, ordered post & objective (to say nothing of their subordinates facing near certain defeat in battle, saved only by their daring, resolve & honorable commitment to prevail by the Gods) that did declare yourself Emperor and March/Sail on Rome when positive proof that my brother yet lived was obvious (and so, again, by my order, as well) - was NOT a puppet of Torienus & has acted in favor of the people by his obeyance!

          Nay, Drusus, you are as common a criminal as the traitor Antonius, & no victory for you will change it in the eyes of the Honorable Roman People... for even if you **** on them by force within the city, try as you might, they will not let you subjugate them again in such darkness!

          As a side note to you, traitor Drusus, your 3 assassins failed to kill me in the night in Parthia, & the lone survivor squeals as a pig of you!

          Nay, traitor Drusus, your infectious presence here will not be abided...

          You might kill me...

          You might kill the People of Rome...

          But you cannot kill & put asunder what I or they stand for in full desire for it...

          Peace from Honor & True Roman Justice!

          Honorable People of Rome...

          I seek - as your equal among you - your declaration of my Proconsul!

          I seek to unite your loyal Legios to your defense!

          I seek to help you guarantee your Honorable Roman Freedom from those that seek your Liberties!

          VICTA ROMA!


          Victor Of Parthia
          Guardian Of Rome
          On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

          ACG History Today



          • Originally posted by ForIAmSparticus View Post
            Thanks, this is quite helpful it can be confusing.

            By the way the mob is the best!
            The mob is the LIFE...the heartbeat of Rome !
            Without US, the people, what would Rome be? NOTHING !!!
            We are the armies that defeat every foe, we are the tradesmen that make Rome rich, we are priests that proclaim Roman virtue worldwide, we are the artists that make the people of other nations stand agazed at our high culture, we are the women that give birth to such fine sons and can anyone be against THE PEOPLE OF ROME ?????

            'Let them hate us so long as they fear us.' Caligula


            • Do not worry General Scipius.
              NOBODY will kill the People of Rome! Arcadius and I will take out those traitors ONE by ONE. Not in brute force...but SLOWLY, without them knowing it !
              They are trembling already ! They tremble...for the justice of the people IS the only justice: without pity, virtuous, incorruptible and swift.

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              'Let them hate us so long as they fear us.' Caligula


              • Meanwhile in Rome as the battle raged outside the city

                The Imperial Palace,

                5 A.M. 12th of September, 82 A.D.

                In the early morning hours, the Emperor is rudely awakened with the point of a gladius in his face. He wakes up, sensing that his end has finally come…Gaius has ordered his death ! However, the officer of the Praetorian Guard, Iulius Vindex makes a sign without muttering a word, ordering the Emperor to get up ! He immediately stands up and put on his clothes, the single white toga now well worn and tattered but well washed and carefully mended by his loyal servants, and the pair of cheap sandals now with hardly any sole left and held together by hemp threads. That were all that were allowed by Gaius. When the Emperor is dressed, Iulius takes him to the hallway, where a dozen of his loyal comrade in arms stand waiting. The Emperor is unsure what to exactly expect. He takes a quick glance outside and looks out at his beloved city, which he felt he shall gaze upon for the last time…he smells the fresh breeze of the air ! He felt a quick pang of pain knowing that his people will now suffer under tyranny without him to save them. The Praetorians surround him, with their gladius’ firmly in their hands.
                However, when Iulius drops his weapon, the other soon follow suit. The sound of iron on the marble floor resonates through the palace. And then, throughout the Palace, the sound of hundreds of swords landing on the hard cold marble floor echos in an eerie but deafening ring. The officer speaks,

                “Captain Gaius has left with his troops to attack General Drusus at Ostia. Now we will set you free, because the Empire is in shambles and the people want you to rule. Nobody else seems capable, Emperor”

                The officer and his men bow respectfully to the Emperor and cry out:

                Long live Emperor Salinatorius!!! Long live the senate, long live the people of Rome.

                After that Iulius stands up again and makes a suggestion that puts the Emperor at complete ease:

                "Come now Emperor, let us march together to the Roman Senate and proclaim your return. When Rome wakes up in a few hours, they will need a firm government once again…that will bring peace and prosperity !!!!"
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                • Early Morning in Rome, 12th of September 82 A.D.

                  6 A.M.

                  The Imperial Palace

                  The Gates of the Imperial Palace swings open with authority not seen in months. Two hundred black stallions in full plumage and bearing black garbed Praetorians in full regalia emerges. The onlookers are first surprised, somewhat confused, and then they finally they cheer! The Praetorians are once again sporting the purple pipings, and they are once again bearing the banners of the Emperor!!!

                  A majestic white stallion emerges. The onlookers crane their necks and peer eagerly. The rider is wearing a long necked and sleeved white silk tunic. Atop that, a royal blue breastplate, along with similarly colored shoulder, arm, leg, and shin greaves. A sharp wind blows, and the rider's cloak unfurls into the breeze and was seen against the light of the rising sun by all the onlookers! It is Purple!!! A thunderous roar sounded forth from the crowd of citizens: Long Live Emperor Sal!!!

                  And with that the procession headed toward the Senate.
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                  • Hail Caesar!!!

                    Originally posted by Salinator View Post

                    Long Live Emperor Sal!!!

                    Word quickly circulates that Senator Antonius has been seen moving through the city with a plain burlap sack in his hand...
                    "This life..., you know, "the life." You’re not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you don’t shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



                    • At the Senate Forum, Morning of September 12th, 82 A.D.

                      6:15 A.M.

                      Senatus Populusque Romanus

                      Word has reached the Senate!!! Crowds of loyal citizens rushing from all different quarters of Rome gather at the Senate Forum.

                      Excitement is in the air as the citizens await the arrival of the Emperor. For the first time in months, the citizens are joyous and optimistic. Rome has starved since Gaius confined the Emperor. The Empire has faltered, Provinces have decayed, and rebellions multiply throughout the territories.

                      As the Imperial Entourage turns the last corner, it is met with a ground shaking roar of approval. Children run alongside tossing petals of late season flowers. Overhead, from rooftops and windows of buildings along the way, roses, carnations, and hyacinths flutter down in joy. Bundles of orchids are given to and accepted by the Praetorians.

                      Arriving at the Senatorial Forum, Emperor Sal leaps from his great white stallion. He gazes upon his loyal subjects for just a moment, and then decrees:

                      Citizens! Today we take back Rome!!!

                      And with that, he walks into the Senate Forum.
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                      • Inside the Senate

                        6:20 A.M.

                        Roman Senate

                        Senators of Rome!!!

                        We have work to do!!! But before we do, some thanks are in order:

                        Senators Verus, you have served the Empire well. You risked your life by sneaking into the Palace to contact the Emperor. The Emperor and the people thanks you.

                        Senator Honorius, thank you for your work with the trade agreements established with the Han Empire. The food caravans you worked so hard on is now beginning to arrive in Rome in full strength.

                        Senator Flavian, thank you for your patriotism. Fools have accused you of treason, even while you have donated much of your great wealth to the war effort against Parthia, and risked your life to serve Rome.

                        Senator Antonius, that prison you built is a lot smaller than I expected. Falco would have been pissed. But you have served Rome well, with what little you had. The people adores you, Rome thanks you. Your undercover work will one day inspire from Sicily to Corsica!

                        Senator Quintus, what can the Emperor say about you loyalty and devotion other than to decree that from hence forth during the reign of Salinatorius, no more Christians shall be fed to lions in arena sport, nor shall they be excluded from any rights enjoyed by any citizen of Rome.
                        Flag: USA / Location: West Coast






                        • Imperial Palace - 6:25am


                          Wake my brother from his dreams and dress him in his finest...

                          For he shall walk unafraid with me...

                          We two - brothers...

                          Through the streets of Rome...

                          Unceremoniously among our people!

                          For it is they that shall judge Romes future!

                          Rome is her People!

                          Victor of Parthia
                          Guardian of Rome

                          On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

                          ACG History Today



                          • Senator Antonius

                            People of Rome…, Senators…, Generals…, and foreign representatives….,

                            --Senator Antonius stands at the podium in front of a crowd; he is holding a plain burlap sack--

                            I, the Senator of the People, Senator Antonius, have returned!

                            I have exposed myself to rebels and assassins to deliver one last request in the name of the Roman Empire.

                            This is not the first time I have risked my life in the name of Rome and her People, but it may very well be the last. The road we have travelled together has been harsh and unforgiving...,

                            and I fear the weasels may still be closing in….

                            We, the People of Rome, have seen each other through unimagined hardships and treachery. We have stood in the face crime waves, fires, disease, Republican usurpation and Praetorian tyranny. We have vanquished foes both foreign and domestic! And we must gather our strength once more, and finalize our triumph by maintaining the release of Caesar to his People!!!

                            Our victory against the rebel Praetorians at the Falco Imperial Penal Facility and on Senate floor proved that we are righteous. And despite the loss of precious life, it showed the enemies of Caesar that will stand against them no matter the cost!

                            Gaius the Traitor still claims he occupies the position of Captain to the Praetorian Guard. His coup, while unsuccessful, has not fully played out, and we must force the final act of this comic-tragedy. We must protect Caesar, or die trying!

                            We also must beware of General Scipius. His intentions towards the throne have been made clear, and we mustn’t be fooled by his benevolent charlatanisms…, if Caesar falls it will complete his scheming.

                            Do not waiver in your convictions, resist propaganda and break bones if needs be. We shall no longer accept this affront to The Roman Empire!

                            And to you, Senator Torienus, I have not forgotten your deceit. You will be hunted down for your crimes. You may have escaped death at the Falco I.P.F., but it shall not happen again!

                            Come with me now, People of Rome; come the Roman Senate!

                            We will declare the Praetorian as outlaws. We will pursue and prosecute Gaius!

                            We will protect Caesar in the name of Rome!!!

                            ~Senator Antonius "Fat Tony" Soprano III~
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                            "This life..., you know, "the life." You’re not gonna get any medals, kid. This is not a hero business; you don’t shoot people from a mile a way. You gotta stand right next to them... blow their heads off."



                            • Antonius, you have many things to answer before Magistrates

                              So, to, does Drusus!

                              A mere wave of the hand does not erase your guilts...

                              Nor even the accusations of them in the peoples eyes!

                              As to my designs on the throne...

                              If I so desired it, my brother would now be dead!

                              My love of my brother has spared him when his death was certain...

                              And by my order from a distance as from here to Parthia!

                              My brother has nothing to fear if his honor is intact...

                              For the Honorable People of Rome seek answers...

                              And his leadership demands it!


                              Victor of Parthia
                              Guardian of Rome
                              On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

                              ACG History Today



                              • Originally posted by Munk View Post
                                Do not worry General Scipius.
                                NOBODY will kill the People of Rome! Arcadius and I will take out those traitors ONE by ONE. Not in brute force...but SLOWLY, without them knowing it !
                                They are trembling already ! They tremble...for the justice of the people IS the only justice: without pity, virtuous, incorruptible and swift.

                                Yeah slowly, and painfully!
                                “Come and take it!"


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