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What to do about the Tungrii

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  • What to do about the Tungrii

    I have read several dispatches by a certain Rabulf of the Tungrii, and it seems he has some rather important things to say, something about "hostages". Who are the Tungrii? What do they want? What will they do to Rome if their demands are not met? What have you to say, Rabulf?

    Governor of Armenia
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    Our demands are simple yet equitable and have been presented to an official legation from your Emperor. Despite the mercy we have shown your captives, sparing women, children and all male citizens willing to lay down their swords, the representatives of your Emperor have found it necessary to rebuff our fair and equitable terms of settlement. Despite releasing your buffoon of a circus entertainer, we have still received no official response. and despite holding still several hundred of your countrymen. Perhaps your Emperor cares not for his citizens. Perhaps he is more interested in the trappings of power, rather than the responsibilities. Rumours abound in Belgica and Gemania Inferior of Emperor Scipius cavorting with a certain male Greek slave named Harmodius. Perhaps this is what occupies your Emperor's thoughts instead of the duties of State. True to our fair and just demands, we have made a unilateral ceasefire, and have no intention of razing any more Roman towns to the ground at this time. But your hostages await succor and salvation. How long shall they be denied the opportunity of being reunited with their brethren rests solely on the purple robes of your own Emperor.

    Rabulf of the Tungrii.


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      Well, I'm sure His Excellency does care about his citizens, but as he's just sent me a PM telling me to keep my trap shut, that's all I'll say.

      Governor of ARMENIA
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        Romans and the Tungrii,

        Legion VIII Macedon has been pulled out of Belgica to avoid further bloodshed. Word had reached Rome that the legionaires were committing crimes against both the citizens of Belgica and the refugee camps of the Tungrii. Women and children were being made to suffer in these hardships and removal of the legion will help the refugees and the citizens of Belgica to live in peace and harmony.

        I have been informed that the Tungrii incursion to Belgica was not an invasion, but a retreat en masse from the invading Norse. These Barbarians were burning every village and field in the lands of the Tungrii! Rabulf and his people just had no where else to turn to.

        The Tungrii are now under the protection of the Roman Senate itself. Without having to worry about retribution from Rome, the Horde can now return to it's homelands to fight the Norse! Rome is safe from the invaders, both Germanic or otherwise.

        Publius Claudius Pulcher (Official envoy of the Senate to Belgica and ambassador, 1st class, to the Tungrii)
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          By the Gods... prospects of life & living for all Romans improves with such news of victory & needless fears, daily!

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          On the Plains of Hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who, at the dawn of victory, sat down to rest-and resting... died. Adlai E. Stevenson

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            As a further sign of our good will, we have released all the civilian hostages in our possession. We hope this affirms that our intentions are not agreesive regarding the Roman state.

            Rabulf of the Tungrii


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              danke, mein herr.
              Sail on Britannia.


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